Victor New York Solar Electric System

This garage has two solar electric systems on it. Both are premier Sunpower systems. One is a standard inverter option, while the other is an ACPV option and uses AC solar panels.

In this solar application; the garage is back-feeding power to the home. The solar will charge these homeowners Chevy Electric Volt and provide all the electric for the garage before sending it to their home for use. If there is leftover electric it will get sent back to the utility grid for credits.

Victor NY Solar Home

Victor NY Solar Home

This Victor New York home features a new solar electric system featuring the new SunPower SPR-225ACPV solar panels. This Victor New York homeowner has also has complimented their home with a 10Kw Bergey wind turbine, and they even drive an electric Chevy Volt!!

Our thanks to this homeowner, NYSERDA, Town of East Bloomfield, RGE, and their utility for making this project possible.