Bristol Woodlands

Bristol Woodlands

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Project Details

  • Town: Bristol
  • Panels Used: 12 Panels
  • Date: July 10, 2014
  • Tags: Commercial

This is one of the first campsites in upstate New York to install solar panels to help offset costs to the utility. Bristol Woodlands located on the top of Bristol Hill has gone renewable! Campers can now plug in and supply electric to their campers from the sun! This system features the latest in SunPower solar panels and the new ACPV micro inverters. Each solar panel produces individual power and sends it back to the utility. SunPower continues to lead the way with state of the art technology and the most efficient solar panels in the world! Our thanks to the owners of Bristol Woodlands Campground, NYSERDA, Town of Bristol and NYSEG for making this project possible!!

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