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  • Town: Watkins Glen
  • System Power: 47 kw
  • Date: July 10, 2014
  • Tags: Commercial

To date, this is the largest solar electric PV system on Seneca Lake. This SunPower solar electric system will produce over 50,000Kwh’s of electric each year and will offset most of their wine manufactuing!!  Not only will Lakewood Vineyards be saving money over the next 40 years, but they will be taking that sunshine from the sun and using it to produce their fine wines!

Why SunPower?, These panels will produce more power and save Lakewood thousands of dollars over the life of this system. SunPower has the worlds most efficient solar panels and is a leader in the industry. SunPower is a 25 year old USA based company and World leader in the solar panel market.

This 47Kw system will power and offset most of their grape and wine processing operations for the Vineyard. Renewable energy and the power of the sun make up a great combination for Lakewood Vineyard!

Our thanks to LAKEWOOD VINEYARDS, TOWN OF READING, NYSERDA, and RGE for making this project possible!

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