Watkins Glen High

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Project Details

  • Town: Watkins Glen
  • Panels Used: SPR-230
  • Location: Watkins Glen High School
  • Date: July 10, 2014
  • Tags: Government

This Watkins Glen High School Solar Installation is the largest solar installation in Watkins Glen in 2012. The High School is proud of this system and the benefits it will offer students in the renewable energy area.

This solar electric system is a SunPower system using SPR-230 solar panels and a ballasted roof mounting solution. The two SunPower SPR-5000M inverters are the heart of the system turning the solar DC energy from the panels into usable AC energy for the school to use.

The system is also monitored so students can learn how the system works, the benefits, and how solar will be our future!

Our thanks to the Watkins Glen School District, Hunt Engineering, Town of Watkins Glen, and SED for making this project possible!!

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